Forex Brokers Comparison
Forex Broker Comparison
Сравнение брокеров рынкa Форекс
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Forex Broker Comparison

If you want to compare forex brokers and you're looking for a forex broker comparison chart, you are in the right place. We think the best way of choosing a forex broker is to see a detailed chart with many brokers compared by different criteria. This way you will be able to decide which broker has the attributes you consider most important. Our forex brokers comparison chart includes information about some of the features we think are the most important for a trader: minimum requirements in terms of investment, the leverage provided by the broker and the lowest spreads (usually they are on EUR/USD, as this is the most used currency pair), the funds accessibility and by this we mean easy and fast deposit and withdrawals methods, and additional markets you can trade on using the broker, on top of the forex market.
Find below our forex brokers comparison chart and choose the forex broker that suits your needs best:
Forex Brokers
Additional markets
Overall rating
Min invest
forex brokers comparison
Ireland, BVI, Japan, Australia
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forex brokers
forex brokers
trading point broker
CySEC 120/10, ASIC 443670, FCA 705428
1:30 *
* Leverage applies to all EU regulated entities of the Group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded.
More info about our charts:
- "Licensed" refers to the country where the broker has it's headquarters
- "Min invest" represents the minimum investment (in USD) required to open a real money account with the forex broker
- the "Spread" field represents the lowest spreads of the broker
- the "Additional markets" section shows the markets where you can trade with the broker, on top of the forex market. "Comm" stands for Commodities (Oil, Gold, Silver, etc.) while "Indices" and "Stocks" are quite obvious (Indices like NASDAQ, DAX, SP and major stocks on the American and European markets). Trading those additional markets is based on CFDs (Contract For Difference) and allows you to speculate the market moves using the same instruments like in the forex market. You can sell or buy contracts for stocks/indices/commodities, and you can make money on both bear and bull markets.

Comparing forex brokers

It is very important to compare forex brokers before taking the decision of investing your money with one of them. Many traders are not aware of the differences between brokers and trade with the first broker they find. This is a big mistake, because there is very little chance that the first broker you come across with is also the best.
Some forex brokers may be very good brokers and still not be right for you. Just imagine that you come across a Swiss broker that requires a minimum investment of $5,000 and asks you for tons of documents and notarized copies of your papers before even opening your account. The broker may be a very good one, but it is definitely not for smaller investors who want to trade the markets with lower amounts.
There is no such thing as the best forex broker. What some consider important may be unimportant to others. Let's say John is a small investor who wants a hassle-free broker where he can start trading in no time. He want to invest only $300 and see how it goes. He is the gambler type. For John, the best broker would need to have a small initial investment, a lot of fast deposit methods like Credit Cards, Moneybookers or PayPal and have a very fast and easy sign-up. If he finds a broker with his requirements, he will tell anyone that he found the best broker.
Now let's assume Peter is very serious about his investment, and is looking for a broker with full capabilities, where he can trade forex, stocks and commodities from a single account. He doesn't care about minimum investment, as he is willing to invest $10,000 and any broker would accept him anyway. He wants the broker to be registered in a EU country so he can be assured that his investment is in safe hands. His requirements are totally different than those of John. The broker that seemed the best for John may not even be a choice for Peter, and a good broker for Peter may be useless for John.
This is where the forex brokers comparison charts come into place. By looking at a comparison chart you can easily spot the best brokers according to your criteria. It's easier and faster than reading reviews, and you have a complete comparative picture. Comparing forex brokers has never been easier!